Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

S2W is all about training, development, fellowship, and empowerment. In addition to providing comprehensive up-to-date training, we also focus on community activism. It's important to provide leadership and support to areas of our community that may be displaced due to economics. Likewise to promote awareness and best safety practices through a myriad of training classes and seminars.

Is this gun club only for women?

No. Though the vast majority of our membership is predominantly female, the gun club is open to all genders and races. What is reflected in our membership is the national perspective of more and more females becoming involved in the firearms community.

Do you have to be Black to join the club?

No. As a NAAGA affiliate chapter, S2W Charlotte promotes and practices the inclusion of all people regardless of race, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or age. Our focus is on exposing more and more African Americans to the history and constitutionality of gun ownership and providing a platform for African Americans to exercise and understand their Second Amendment rights. People of all races are welcomed.

Are there dues?

Yes. Club dues are $25 monthly with a $2 processing fee through our vendor. here.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. Licenses and insurance information may be disclosed upon personal request via email at [email protected]

Do I have to already own a gun to join?

No. There are several members who have never shot a firearm much less own one. The club has firearms of different calibers and types for members to use. Also, members who own their firearms are usually very helpful and supportive in allowing others to use their firearms. We ask that when using someone else's weapon to please provide ammunition for it, and use it under the safest and most considerate conditions possible.

Can I get my CCW through the club ?

No. Shoot2Win Charlotte does not certify any of its members in any firearms disciplines. However, several of our members are state and nationally certified Concealed Carry instructors. Those individuals can certify interested members upon request as a separate and private engagement.

What are your terms and conditions?

Click on the Join Us link below or find us on under Shoot2Win African American Gun Club.

Can my kids join the club?

Unfortunately, we don't have a platform for children, yet. However, if you have a juvenile at least 15 years of age and a parent or guardian who is also a member is present, that youth may take part in basic marksmanship classes or actual range dates.