Our team



Rob 'Unc' Austin is the President and founder of Shoot2Win Charlotte. As a 25 year Law Enforcement Officer Unc brings to the table an extensive background in firearms, tactics, combatives and training. In 2017 Unc took his dream to reality by creating Shoot2Win Inc. The company was founded on the ideal of providing the most comprehensive firearms and combatives training to individuals at all levels. Shortly thereafter Unc discovered NAAGA, and seeing that their core values were in line with his, the decision was made to become an affiliate chapter and Shoot2Win Charlotte was born. "Our goal is simple, do our best to give people the most, so that they can perform at their best when needed." 

Kisha Kincaid

Vice President

Kisha Kincaid, aka "The Gun Diva is Vice President of Shoot2Win Charlotte and creator of Defendingmine.com She is a North Carolina native who is a certified NRA instructor and distributor of personal protection products. Kisha has a passion for shooting and loves empowering her community with the education and training required to help create safe and responsible gun owners. Ignited by this passion, she sought out like-minded communities on-line and came across Shoot2Win. "After meeting with Unc it was obvious that it was meant to be." Kisha joined the Shoot2Win Charlotte family and quickly became an integral part of the leadership team in 2018.

LaWanda Moorer


A High School Counselor and mother of two, LaWanda discovered Shoot2Win in the early stages and was part of the first New Members Orientation Class. Having then recently moved to Charlotte, NC, she was looking to meet people. "I was drawn to Shoot2Win because of the vision of educating and equipping the black community. It is important for me and my children to not fear guns but rather have a healthy respect for them, know your rights and know how to be responsible gun owners. That is what I want for my community as well. I also like to shoot  and constantly look to improve myself."  LaWanda incorporates fun and togetherness into the club's training, organizing events and engagement among members.

Catrina 'Cat' Butler


A Day 1 member, Catrina 'Cat' Butler is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas who moved to Charlotte from Dallas, Texas where her son still resides. "There was just something about Charlotte that made me want to live here". After a few months in the Queen City, she found Shoot2Win gun club on MeetUp and attended the first meeting. "I felt a sense of belonging as everyone came from different backgrounds but we all had the same purpose". As Treasurer, she understands that there is a balance of what the club wants to do and whats practical. "Our gun club loves to give".

Kelly Turner

Training Co-ordinator

A native of New Haven, Connecticut Kelly Turner is a retired Police Officer. She relocated to Charlotte, NC in 2014. As a Cancer Survivor, she founded the C.H.A.I.N. Fund, Inc. in 2002 to raise funds and support cancer patients with financial assistance for household expenses. Currently empowering individuals and businesses with legal and identity-theft protection with LegalSheild. Kelly discovered Shoot2win while searching for interests and associations to sharpen various skills. "Shoot2Win has provided me with a new family, great learning and growth platform, support and fellowship."

Shenita Oglesby

Media Relations

Shenita, a native of Fredericksburg, Va.  made her way to Charlotte, NC shortly after graduating from Gardner-Webb University, and has been a part of the Queen City commnuity since 2006. She joined NAAGA and became an active member of Shoot2Win Charlotte in 2018. Shenita offers her creativity and guidance in Customer Relations, Social Media Marketing, research tactics and more.

Delecia Bradley

Media Relations

A mother of 2 and native of the Virgin Islands, Delecia works as an Insurance Coordinator and currently serves as one of two media relations chairpersons for Shoot2Win Charlotte. "I was gifted a gun by my brother after purchasing my house in the countryside of Harrisburg. While visiting a nearby gun range I noticed, on any given day, that I was either the only African American or female. This made me feel a little intimidated. I searched for gun clubs online and found Shoot2win. My friend and I attended one of the General Meetings and was very impressed that there were other like-minded individuals that looked like me. 2 years later I'm a more confident gun owner and a better shooter."

Christopher Jones

Researcher / Historian / Paraphernalia

Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, Christopher moved in Charlotte since 2007 in order to study at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in Finance and minoring in Japanese. The reason he joined Shoot 2 Win: "I was looking for a group that gives black people a voice to take advantage of the 2nd Amendment; I believe that S2W through NAAGA provides that much needed voice."