Pistol I

An introductory class to the basic fundamentals of pistol operations. The class covers sight picture, sight alignment, magazine change, marksmanship fundamentals and much much more. Range time is included. This is the prerequisite class for all other firearms training.
4 hours

Pistol II

This is an advanced perspective of the Pistol I course. Students will learn advance practices of shooting multiple targets, shooting on the move, situational awareness and much more. Students can expect to shoot more than they did in the Pistol I course.  Range time is included. Must take Pistol I as a prerequisite. 4 hours

Home Self-Defense

This is a comprehensive course covering defense of ones home or self-defense while in the home. Site threat assessment and vulnerabilities are covered. Best home safe practices and tactical considerations are also covered. 2 hours

Concealed / Open Carry Considerations (seminar)

This is a lecture based course covering the aspects and nuances of concealed carry and open carry specific to North Carolina. Literature inclusive of forms and state General Statutes are provided each student. 2 hours

Stop the Bleeding!

This coursework covers tourniquet application and practices to quickly and effectively address a gunshot injury in the absence of professional help. Individuals will learn how to apply a tourniquet. 

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